Hi. My name is Raphaël.

I'm a human who enjoys creating aesthetic experiences, digital and otherwise, based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Previously the co-founder and CTO of Addo, currently working on something new and exciting called Loon :-D

My Photography

My Writing

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Digital media is what I do.

I'm particularly interested in two things: the aesthetics of digital experiences, and the effects/possibilities that come with the evolution of media in the digital space.

I have varied set of skills in the digital space, ranging from design to web development, from photography to interactive installations, from 3d animation to game development.

I like building "cool" stuff, and "important" stuff, but what I like best is stuff at the intersection of the two.


Where I studied


I completed my Master of Fine Arts in Emergent Media at Champlain College, in Burlington, Vermont, USA in May 2014.


I completed my Baccalaureate of Fine Arts in Computation Arts at Concordia University, Montréal, Québec, Canada in June 2012.

Projects I have worked on

Phoglo 2015

Type: Web Design | Web Development | Photography

Plastered 2015

Type: Mobile App Design / Development

Context 2015

Type: Web Design | Web Development

HatTrick 2014

Type: Web Design | Web Development | Social Media

MyThings 2014

Type: Emergent Media Exploration | Web Design | Web Development

MsgFish 2014

Type: Web Development | Web Design | Media Exploration

Emergent Works 2013

Type: Web Development | Web Design

A Digital Exploration of the Sublime 2014

Type: Interactive Installation | Digital Media Research

Sausome 2013

Type: Web Design | Web Development

Labor of Love 2013

Type: Web Design | Web Development

The Breakfast Machine 2009

Type: Interactive Electronic Installation

DWMCF 2014

Type: Web Development | Web Design

The Grid Free Layout 2014

Type: Web Design Experiment

Technologies I'm Familiar With



Front End Web

Twitter Bootstrap
D3 Beginner
LESS Beginner
Ember Beginner

Back End Web

Yii Framework
Ruby on Rails
Symfony Beginner

Web Services

Amazon Web Services
Google Analytics




Unity Game Engine
Intel Perceptual Computing SDK
Leap Motion SDK Beginner
Unreal Engine Beginner


Nikon System
Adobe Premiere
Sony Vegas
GoPro System




3ds Max
Blender Beginner


Various ICs
and sensors


A little bit about me...

I began my journey in Ottawa, Canada. My father is from British Columbia and my mother is from Québec. It didn't take long for me to leave, however. At four months old, my parents and I moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where I lived for the next four years of my life.

I wasn't very good at identifying birds at that age. Even with a guide book.

We then moved to Washington, D.C. I went to a small, bilingual, international school. It was a place that kept me in touch with various cultures, as my parents intended, and helped me keep fluent in both French and English.

We still traveled internationally, but I also got to see my own country more often. Here I am in the Canadian Rockies, on the way to visit my father's family.

After eight years in the United States, we went back to East Africa. This time, we went to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I spent my high-school years there, at the International School of Tanganyika.

My parents and I kept traveling around the world when I had holidays, but I also managed to go on some wonderful adventures with my school, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or participating in sports tournaments in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

Playing soccer in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands.

I played a lot of soccer during my time in Tanzania. This was during a hiking trip in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands.

I developed my love of art during my high-school years and became fascinated by the digital space. With the help of my wonderful teachers, I got through high-school and chose to pursue my interest in digital art. I decided it was time to finally try living in Canada, so I moved to Montréal, Québec to do my BFA in Computation Arts at Concordia University.

My mom and I after I recieved my BFA.

Finishing my BFA felt wonderful.

My next challenge was to get my MFA. I chose to go to Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. I knew Burlington was a fun little place with an interesting community, but I had no idea to what extent I would fall in love with it. The people I met, the professors I had and the culture of Vermont changed me. Eventually, however, I got my Master's and it was time for a new adventure.

My professors and I after receiving my degree.

That Master's degree was the most difficult, mentally and physically exhausting yet enriching and satisfying thing I have done in my life.

My next adventure was to move to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In Halifax, I freelanced as a web developer and digital media consultant. I also had some ideas that I thought could make sense as businesses, so I worked on them on the side, but soon realized that building a business is not about building software.

As a freelancer, I met with a guy named Moses Robicheau, who was woring on building a startup based on the idea of gamifying healthy activity in the workplace. I started doing some freelance work for him, and eventually became a co-founder of Addo.

But soon before that, my partner and I had decided we were going to move to Vancouver, next summer.

So I worked on Addo from Halifax for the rest of the year, and in May 2015, we drove across the country with a U-Haul hooked to my 'lil Subaru Forester (a.k.a. "The Raspberry").

'The Raspberry' in Banff. Almost there!

"The Raspberry" in Banff. So close!

The next 9 months or so were pretty crazy. I kept working on Addo from Vancouver, and we got into an accelerator program. We hired a couple awesome people with the money from the accelerator, too. But eventually we realized that the business wasn't sustainable.

It was rough, but it was also an incredible learning experience. Being forced to put your head down and work crazy hours to build something (tech or otherwise) from scratch for a year and a half, is a surefire way to make sure you learn a ridiculous amount of stuff. Or at the very least be exposed to a ridiculous amount of stuff. I like to think I learned a lot, though ;)

So mid-2016 I'm back to consulting, but taking a look at starting something new... called Loon. I'm also focusing a lot more on my photography, which you can find at here.